16th November 2021 Statehood Day Of Jharkhand Celebrated State Carved Out Of Bihar On November 15 2000

PM inaugurates Bhagwan Birsa Munda Swatantra Senani Sangrahalaya Sah Smriti Udyaan at the Central Old Jail Premises in Ranchi...

16th November 2021 Indian Express Editorial

Climate of inequality ...

15th November 2021 15th November 2021

Prelims Bits...

15th November 2021 Indian Express Editorial 15th Nov.

Why Glasgow disappoints...

11th November 2021 11th November 2021

World Science Day for Peace and Development...

9th November 2021 Uttarakhand Divas Uttarakhand Celebrates Foundation Day 9th November

Uttarakhand came into being on the 9th of this month in 2000. Earlier, it was part of Uttar Pradesh....

23rd September 2021 Government Appoints Secretaries In Different Ministries

1988 batch IAS Rajiv Bansal who is currently CMD Air India will be Secretary Civil Aviation. Vice Chairman of Delhi Development Authority Anurag Jain will be Secretary Department of Promotion of...

22nd September 2021 Air Marshal VR Chaudhari To Be Next Chief Of Indian

Government has decided to appoint Air Marshal V R Chaudhari, presently Vice Chief of Air Staff, as the next Chief of the Indian Air Force. He will assume charge after the retirement of Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria on 30th of this...

21st September 2021 President Kovind Confers National Florence Nightingale

President Ram Nath Kovind today conferred the National Florence Nightingale Award 2020 to Deputy Director General of Military Nursing Service Brig S V Saraswati. She has been conferred the award in a virtual ceremony for her immense contribution t...

24th July 2021 Important News Headlines

Cabinet approves continuation of PM POSHAN scheme in Schools for five more years...

20th September 2021 City to recover

Covid reinforces that good urbanisation is our most powerful technology for poverty reduction

17th September 2021 Voice of Panjshir

Fahim Dashty reperesented the Afghan national resistance that fought Taliban

16th September 2021 Childrens locked out

Prolonged closure of schools has taken a heavy toll. A strategy to deal with this crisis is nowhere in sight

15th September 2021 Ease of democracy

India needs to do better in democracy rankings, where it is sliding, Denial should not be an option

14th September 2021 War and Terror

Measured by its stated objective and international consequences, US-led war on terror has failed

13th September 2021 An aatmanirbharta challenge

Move to promote oil plam is welcome, but incentive structure that favours rich, wheat must change

11th September 2021 Two other towers that fell

crisis of liberal statecraft, and the crisis of authority form Saudhi Arabia to Afghanistan, are still with us

10th September 2021 Deak with the new Kabul

Demonising Taliban will be counterproductive. India should know power of ethno-nationalism

9th September 2021 The challenge fo flexibility

Academic Bank of Credits, multiple entry-exit option, will call for large changes in higher education

8th September 2021 The New Brahminism

Brahmin welfare schemes instituted by southern states cannots pass any constitutional smell test

6th September 2021 America after Afghanistan

Is Washington too war-weary, is the world too far away? There are no clear answers

4th September 2021 Why Opposition unity

For long, it has been a story of false starts. Changing the narratice will need clarity on what is at stake

3rd September 2021 A limited Window

Policy support is needed to nurture the drivers of growth, sustain recovery process

2nd September 2021 Arms and the Nation

To understand failed states, don't get development conslultants. Get people who follow the guns

1st September 2021 To engage Taliban, or not to

For India, on Afghanistan 'strategic patience' cannot bean an alibi for inaction

28th August, 2021 Cohabiting with Covid

A zero-Covid world looks less imminent. But humans can make the mircobs less lethal

27th August, 2021 Connect wtih Kabul

Why, on Afghanistan, India must not send message of wait and watch, or of retreat

25th August, 2021 Waiting and watching Kabul

Delhi must not make haste needs to judge the Taliban Primarily by their Security guarantees

24th August, 2021 In post-pandemic classroom

It must be centred around joyful and creative learning join donts between children's lives and education

23rd August, 2021 Undoing judicial feudalism

Himachal HC's decision to stop use of subordinate Courts is justified, restores dignity to judge

21th August,, 2021 The sin of empire

Modality os US withdrawal form Afghanistan will give fillip to fundamentalism's deepest impulses

20th August, 2021 Faith and her freedom

Islamic tenets prescribe equality for women, Not just Taliban, many Muslims do not follow them

19th August, 2021 Guardian of the House

To restore prestiage of Parliament, take steps to ensure independence and impartiality of Speaker

18th August, 2021 Reason to remember

Intent behind 'Partition Horrors Remembrance Day' matters. It should not to be cast hostilities in stone

17th August, 2021 The changing Af-Pak

The Taliban takeover is cause for concern. But India will have opportunities in afghanistan

16th August, 2021 In need of repair

Governance of hollow slogan and divisiveness has reversed gains of past.

14th August, 2021 The 1947 we choose

As India turn 75, which logic of nation - building will it embrace - freedom or Partition? The Answer is sobering

13th August, 2021 Crime and Politics

SC anguish on parties inaction on criminalisation is welcome - but may not be enough

12th August, 2021 A time for deep reform

Way forward lies in regulatory reforms in labours and land markets large-scale low-tech manufacturing

11th August, 2021 The climate deadline

The crisis deserves sober, continuing analysis, deliberation and action

10th August, 2021 Government vs Citizen

Pegasus scandal points to the making of a surveillance state. Our Freedoms are at stake

9th August, 2021 Mending fences

Goodwill amongst Assam, Mizoram, all Northeast States, holds key to Act Policy

7th August, 2021 Parliament we deserve

An institution not held hostage to party diktat. A battleground of ideas, not a contest of cussedness

6th August, 2021 From ex-coach, with love

Tokyo is a game changer for Indian hockey. Much hard work, many sacrifices lie behind this moment

4th August, 2021 The learning journey

Pandemic has slowed down NEP, needs of children cannot be addressed only online

3rd August, 2021 Once upon a Committee

Parliament Committee have worked with dignity,in non-partisan ways. Sadly this has changed

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